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Mati's Birthday :)
A couple of months ago I started making paper cranes for Mati's birthday.

My 2-yr old, Adi even tried to help me make some.
Here are some of the fruits of her effort:


Anyway, I w
asn't able to get to a thousand like I wanted, but it was enough to
decorate my mom's place

She was so happy when she saw this :) Too bad I wasn't woken up to
see her reaction. hehehe. O well.

I also made a crane curtain on their door :)

Anyway, we didn't have a party at home 'cause she had her party the day before at her school.
Based on the cranes, I thought I'd do a bird theme so I made her these invitations:

Originally, I wanted to do a 3-D egg but then I thought, these probably wouldn't
last very long in a 3-4 yr olds hands so I just made them flat instead :)

For giveaways, I found these cute little ceramic
eggs that had grass seeds inside them :)

I put them in these yellow and green bags

Mati's egg now sits comfortably at my mom's house :) 

For school snacks, and to keep up with the bird theme, I got them chicken
nuggets from McDonalds. hehehe

The balloons are shaped like mice. Mati chose this herself.
No bird balloons unfortunately, but the kids loved these :)

For their game, I prepared an egg hunt :) I put erasers, candies and crazy bands inside the eggs.
Here's Mati and her classmates waiting to be called back in the classroom to start searching :) 

Her classmates wrote a greeting on their class board. Isn't this just the cutest :)
(Their teacher made the smiley face)

I can't believe how fast time flies. I now have a 4 year old!!! 

On her actual birthday, we went to Manila Ocean Park.
Hard to take photos though cause it was so dark inside

They were excited to see Dory and Nemo :) hehehe


Too bad the sea lion show was sold out but Adi was excited to see the Jellies :) 
Mati, unfortunately was scared that the exhibit would be too dark so she didn't go in. Hay

Happy Birthday Mati! We love you very much!!!

Some Fun Stuff on A Friday :)
This is for you Reg.

Because it's Mati's birthday tomorrow, i thought I'd post some fun stuff :) Enjoy!

Love the beret
:) hihihi

Cute! :)

This sort of makes me want to have twins. . . .  :) hehehe. just kidding

Batty clothespins :)

I should do try this with my doctor . . .

Santa on his day off


Snail Mail :D

Aw :)

O my. hahaha

This is just the cutest and creepiest  :)

This is cute . . . if we really tucked our table napkins on our collar. hehehe

Cute way to say sorry :) naka letterpress pa

Why don't we have this here?!?!?

My kids would love this. Me, I might have a heart attack
everytime I see them on it

Type snob :) hehe

I can relate :) While I was pregnant, my kids used to pretend they
were pregnant too
. But they gave birth to teddy bears :)

This is a problem here too :) hahaha

I want this shirt!!! 

I want this too! :)

While in Megamall with Mati . . .
While going up the escalators, Mati points to a movie poster and asks me: Mom, is that Mama Mia?

This is what she sees:

This is what we really saw :)


A Rajito Dress for My Little Adi! :)
Back in 2008, a friend of ours gifted Mati with a beautiful, little Rajito dress which we let
her wear to the birthday lunch of my angkong.

Mati is turning 4 now and I still have the dress in our cabinet. (too cute to give away. hahaha)
Adi wasn't able to wear it 'cause we never really brought her to any formal parties.

Anyway, this morning, my friend Martin (who works for Rajo Laurel & Venisse Laurel-Hermano)
showed me the most adorable collection from their new Rajito line called

My sister's wedding is in November and I need a dress for Adi so 
Martin contacted me just in time :)

And Adi will still be able to wear a Rajo Laurel dress after all ;) hehehe

Here are the dresses from their Androgyny collection:








I'm planning to get Adi this DEVON DRESS. Isn't it adorable?!?!
And Martin says that the skirt is beaded! 

Prices range from P1,995 to P3,295. Reasonable. And they can alter the dresses for you as well :)
Plus how cool is it to tell people that your daughter's dress is by Rajo Laurel right? hehehe

6013 Villena cor Mañalac St. Poblacion Makati City
Tel Nos. 8955688 / 8999946
Email: info@rajolaurel.com
Website: http://store.rajolaurel.com

Weird Shoes
The other day my friend, Mapet posted this weird boot design.

No, right? So I wondered what other weird shoe designs are out there.

As it turns out, A LOT! :) 
These are just a few of the interesting designs I found online

Bar stool shoe?

This looks like torture

This one is torture on the eyes

I have toe socks but I don't think I can wear these

Shoes with scenery :)

Lego shoe :)

If you want to bring your pet fish along with you . . .

or spider . . . yuck

For animal lovers
Giraffe shoes

Goat shoes

and Peacock Shoes


A gift for Manny Pacquiao perhaps?

Banana Shoes

Formal swim wear?

For those who like the feel of grass on their feet . . .

For the rainy season. hehehe

If you've got some extra hair to spare . . .

Cork sandals

This looks interesting but parang hassle to wear

In case you're walking and in a hurry . . .


Interesting . . .

This looks too hard to put on . .

I'd wear these:

Cute :)

Pretty, but how does it stay on your feet?

I dunno why but I like these ;) hehehe

Still love this one ;) 

Sining CESko Art Contest
I would've joined this contest by the Czech Embassy . . .  if I were still 16 to 21 years old! hehehe.
Contest is open till Sep 30. Go na!

Good luck! :)


Ickle & Lardee, The Cutest Little Milk Teef
My cousin, Did, showed me the cutest site yesterday :) It's called My Milk Toof,
and it chronicles the adventures of 2 milk teeth named Ickle and Lardee

hihihi. Cute :)

The site was created by Korean-American artist, Inhae Renee Lee. She explains
that one day, her milk teeth just came knocking on her door.
Now, they're sort of like her
pets :)

Inhae as a child. photo from her site. Read more about Inhae here

Ickle is the one on the left, Lardee the one on the right :) Learn more about them here

More photos of their adventures:

On their way to explore a couch :) Love the miniatures that she creates for them

at the beach



I love this story she made of them entitled "Kites"



Inhae also sells prints of them on flickr:) Love the photo in the center

She also has a book :)

Follow her blog: My Milk Toof

Because I'm Not Really Doing Much Today :)
Some fun things I found online. Because it's a lazy, rainy Thursday afternoon :) hehehe


Choose the kids!!!

Aw :)

So that's why my floors are always sticky! :D

Exactly :)

This is me . . .

Cute :)

Viktor Hertz Posters
I love how freelance graphic designer, Viktor Hertz from Sweden, was able to
make movie posters using simple graphic icons :) 

Here are some





See the others here: Viktor Hertz and here

Why I Won't Be Throwing Noah a Party
It's almost Noah's 1st birthday. But unlike for my two older girls, I won't be throwing him a party.

Here's why.

I went all out in Mati's 1st birthday party. I planned her party 5 months in advance.
I chose a ladybug theme:

I made her a ladybug invitation:

got her a ladybug cake


I even made her a ladybug pinata

for decor, I made paper chains to hang around the venue

got her balloons shaped like flowers, I even made flower
fans for the guests to use if they got hot.

Anyway, you get it, I took my time preparing for the party.

And you know what? She doesn't remember anything

Halfway through the party, she was asleep.

Adi's party naman.

Notice that it's Mati blowing out Adi's birthday cake

That's because Adi had to leave the party early cause she was sick :( 

I couldn't go home with her cause I had to entertain the guests. I still feel bad about that.

I know it's a Chinese thing to go all out on your child's 1st birthday party (so, sorry mom. hehe),
but this time, for Noah, I'm just going
to use my energy on just spending TIME with my little Noah
on his birthday.

I'm sure that's all he wants from me anyway :)