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Tiny Christmas Trees :)
It's 3 in the morning, I can't sleep 'cause I suddenly wanted to look online for tiny Christmas trees.
Ok, that's not the real reason why I can't sleep. But the trees are a nice distraction :) hehehe.
I know it's not even the -BER months yet, and we already have a tree, but I suddenly wanted
tiny Christmas trees. As in FOREST!

So here's what I came across online:

A recycled cardboard tree from Kidsonroof. cute :)

photo from Inhabitots

A lego tree

photo from Nexgadget

Lightree lamps by Letizia Censi :) Aren't they they cutest?!

This looks interesting. It grows taller after you apply some goo inside it.

Maybe a tree for my laptop? hehehe

A cute DIY Christmas giveaway :)

This one is cute, but it's a notepad. hehehe.

I'll definitely be making this one with the kids :)

Love this 3D origami tree :) No tutorial on the papercraftcentral site though :(

Love these cardboard pop-ups! Woohoo! Here's the tutorial from Jean

Reg, it's a Charlie Brown tree! Super cute no? I want it!!!!
The kids won't understand na though :)


But it's 4am already and I'm finally sleepy. Yay. Goodnight