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Subspace Coffeehouse
Last month my friends found this really nice coffeehouse along Ortigas Road.
It's called Subspace Coffeehouse and it's owner also owns the furntiure
shop, Space Encounters.

(photo from their fb site)

What drew us in? The awesome interior! :) 

Love the little details of the place :)

(photo from their fb site)

Sometimes they show old movies on their wall. No sound though, only subtitles :) Most of the
time it's a Korean movie, but the last time I was there they were showing

(photo from their fb site)

So I brought my sister and cousins there and they loved it! :) Yay!
And they seemed to form an attachment to the in-house raven.

See what I mean?

Their specialty is the purple potato latte.

(photo from their fb site)

They're logo is really cute :) 

(photo from their fb site)

And I love this quote on their wall. Love Captain Janeway :)

Star Trek Voyager really is the best :) hehehe

Subspace Coffeehouse
Unit 103, GF Grand Emerald Tower,
F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center,
1606 Pasig, Philippines