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Birthday Observations & Realizations . . .
Realization 1: 
Maybe it's just me, but when your kids birthdays are too close together, you have a tendency
to just recycle the decorations you used for whoever childs birthday comes first. hehe.
Sorry Noah. :) 
You know I love you. hehehe


>So, yes, that was up on the wall for 2 weeks. hahaha.

Realization 2: 
There are bound to be comparisons made by the other sibling.

MATI: "Mommy, why didn't I have lechon for my birthday?"
(Mark said to tell her that we only buy lechon for our children who are boys. . . 
of course he was kidding. hehehe

Adi was just glad that there WAS lechon ;) hehehe

Another comparison:
Aside from the decor downstairs, I added some paper lanterns and crepe papers
on the walls for Noah.
Mati checked every room for decorations. I'm not sure if
she was checking the quality of the decor or if she was wondering why she
didn't have these for her birthday. hehehe


Realization 3:
The last sibling who's birthday is still 3 months away, gets a bit left out :(
"Mommy, where's my gift?"

>But on Mati's birthday, my Aunt also gave Adi a gift so that she also
had something to open ;)
Thanks Auntie Brenda! :) Mwah!

Realization 4:
Kids love blowing out candles. Doesn't matter if it's their birthday or not :)

Realization 5:
I prefer small celebrations at home with family :) Easier to handle cause I don't
have to entertain anyone so much and the atmosphere is very relaxed :)


And it's actually the grown-ups who benefit from the party! Noah didn't even get to
taste the lechon. He was sleeping while we were busy "celebrating"! hahaha

Realization 6:

Ok, this one isn't really a birthday thing, but I realized that I should
take more photos of my kids with their great grandfather.

Realization 7:
Even if it's your birhtday, when you're the youngest, you don't get dibs
on your own gift.

Realization 8:
Kids can make the littlest things fun :) 
(This was when we were taking down the decorations )

Realization 9:
Kids imaginations are funny
MATI: "I'm a rainbow superhero"

Adi just wanted to be colorful :)

Happy 1st Birthday Noah!!! We love you :)



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Happy birthday Noah. ang pogi pogi mo! :)

Thanks Sigrid :) Mwah!

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