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I'm in UNO Magazine! :)
Guess who's on the cover of UNO magazine?!?

It's not me ok? It's Barbara Barreto, hehehe

But check out the small names to her left under the GETTING GRAPHIC text! :D

ROSS LACCAY!!Woohoo! Never thought I'd ever see my name on
the cover of a magazine :) Pretty cool :)

My article is on page 76 and it features some of the logos I've done
along with the vector drawing I did of a wooden vespa ;)

And I'm featured along with Brian Tenorio, Tof Zapanta and Graphika Manila?!?! Super cool!

Thanks to Luis Katigbak for featuring my work in your magazine! ;) 
Next issue, centerfold naman ako ha! hahaha. Just kidding :)

Grab a copy of UNO now!!! :)