Nomama :)

A couple of weeks ago, we were finally able to visit Him's new restaurant, Nomama :)

I was craving for the gyoza that he usually serves at his parties so I asked Mark if we could have dinner there.

Because the restaurant isn't officially opened yet, they only serve set menus at P750 and it's by reservation.
I didn't know this, so I wasn't able to make a reservation.

Luckily, we know the chef :)  The place was packed so we were seated at the ramen bar. This was perfect
'cause we got a good view of Him at work plus we had instant access to the food :) (phone camera only. sorry)

The first dish served was Raw Wagyu Beef with potato chips. I don't really eat raw food, but I'm glad
I tried it because it was really good :) (actually I didn't realize that it was raw while I was eating it. hehehe)

The next dish was softshell crab salad!!! I had this at the birthday party of Him's daughter and loved it so I was
really, really happy that he was serving this here too! :) Yay! I tried to steal Mark's share by reminding him that
he was allergic to crabs, but it didn't work.

Then, finally, the gyoza came out. Yay! There was pork gyoza and mushroom gyoza. My fave was the
mushroom one :)  Yum. (photo from Nomama fb page) Tried to steal Mark's food again but failed.

We were also served fish, but I forgot to take a photo of it.

For the ramen, we could choose from 3 kinds: Ox Tongue, Thai Curry or the house ramen.

Because I'm not that adventurous with food, I just ordered the house ramen called Nomama :) 
Loved the softboiled egg. Brought me back to my childhood :) We used to have softboiled egg
with our noodles too :) Yum

Mark got the Thai Green Curry Ramen with Chicken. (of course I tasted it) I loved how the chicken was cooked!
And the soup, yum. I will be ordering this the next time we're there :) Getting hungry now actually. grrr

By the time I finished my ramen, (as well as a little of Mark's ramen) I was so full. So when this Short Rib Curry
came out, I could only just manage a few bites. (love the curry sauce by the way. will have this next time with rice)

But when the dessert came out, I was surprised to find out that I still had some room for it :) hehehe. I forgot what
it's called but I remember Him telling us that It's like a Kit Kat cake or something (but not using the actual Kit Kat bars)

After dinner, we chatted with Him and stayed till the last customer was out. At this time,
I was able to admire the beautiful, industrial interiors of the place.

This clock was designed by Him :)

Love the lights and the wall details :)

And check out the sink. Nice no? the light is from a recycled car wheel. I asked him about the 3 strips of tape
just below the sink. He said that its just masking tape that's there till it gets fixed. But it looks like it belongs no?
hahaha. Yup. Bagay.

Congrats on the restaurant Him!  Will be bringing my brother here as soon as it officially opens ;)

Nomama: G/F FSS Bldg. 2, Scout Tuason cor Scout Castor Sts.
Quezon City (just adjacent to the main Max's Restaurant)
or call for reservations: 0917 5228272/ 5422558

Happy Things :)

My little ray of sunshine online. Thanks to Reg for the link :)

When I'm sad, I sometimes go to the Happy Things site. The posts are just random
cute photos, inspirational words, and basically just things that make you happy :)

Here are some posts that i like:

I have to always remember this:

Flowers make me happy :)



I don't :) and I always tell my kids this too! :)

Boo used to remind me of Mati :)


So true


Everyday reminders:

Tiny Christmas Trees :)

It's 3 in the morning, I can't sleep 'cause I suddenly wanted to look online for tiny Christmas trees.
Ok, that's not the real reason why I can't sleep. But the trees are a nice distraction :) hehehe.
I know it's not even the -BER months yet, and we already have a tree, but I suddenly wanted
tiny Christmas trees. As in FOREST!

So here's what I came across online:

A recycled cardboard tree from Kidsonroof. cute :)

photo from Inhabitots

A lego tree

photo from Nexgadget

Lightree lamps by Letizia Censi :) Aren't they they cutest?!

This looks interesting. It grows taller after you apply some goo inside it.

Maybe a tree for my laptop? hehehe

A cute DIY Christmas giveaway :)

This one is cute, but it's a notepad. hehehe.

I'll definitely be making this one with the kids :)

Love this 3D origami tree :) No tutorial on the papercraftcentral site though :(

Love these cardboard pop-ups! Woohoo! Here's the tutorial from Jean

Reg, it's a Charlie Brown tree! Super cute no? I want it!!!!
The kids won't understand na though :)


But it's 4am already and I'm finally sleepy. Yay. Goodnight

Subspace Coffeehouse

Last month my friends found this really nice coffeehouse along Ortigas Road.
It's called Subspace Coffeehouse and it's owner also owns the furntiure
shop, Space Encounters.

(photo from their fb site)

What drew us in? The awesome interior! :) 

Love the little details of the place :)

(photo from their fb site)

Sometimes they show old movies on their wall. No sound though, only subtitles :) Most of the
time it's a Korean movie, but the last time I was there they were showing

(photo from their fb site)

So I brought my sister and cousins there and they loved it! :) Yay!
And they seemed to form an attachment to the in-house raven.

See what I mean?

Their specialty is the purple potato latte.

(photo from their fb site)

They're logo is really cute :) 

(photo from their fb site)

And I love this quote on their wall. Love Captain Janeway :)

Star Trek Voyager really is the best :) hehehe

Subspace Coffeehouse
Unit 103, GF Grand Emerald Tower,
F. Ortigas Jr. Road, Ortigas Center,
1606 Pasig, Philippines

Birthday Observations & Realizations . . .

Realization 1: 
Maybe it's just me, but when your kids birthdays are too close together, you have a tendency
to just recycle the decorations you used for whoever childs birthday comes first. hehe.
Sorry Noah. :) 
You know I love you. hehehe


>So, yes, that was up on the wall for 2 weeks. hahaha.

Realization 2: 
There are bound to be comparisons made by the other sibling.

MATI: "Mommy, why didn't I have lechon for my birthday?"
(Mark said to tell her that we only buy lechon for our children who are boys. . . 
of course he was kidding. hehehe

Adi was just glad that there WAS lechon ;) hehehe

Another comparison:
Aside from the decor downstairs, I added some paper lanterns and crepe papers
on the walls for Noah.
Mati checked every room for decorations. I'm not sure if
she was checking the quality of the decor or if she was wondering why she
didn't have these for her birthday. hehehe


Realization 3:
The last sibling who's birthday is still 3 months away, gets a bit left out :(
"Mommy, where's my gift?"

>But on Mati's birthday, my Aunt also gave Adi a gift so that she also
had something to open ;)
Thanks Auntie Brenda! :) Mwah!

Realization 4:
Kids love blowing out candles. Doesn't matter if it's their birthday or not :)

Realization 5:
I prefer small celebrations at home with family :) Easier to handle cause I don't
have to entertain anyone so much and the atmosphere is very relaxed :)


And it's actually the grown-ups who benefit from the party! Noah didn't even get to
taste the lechon. He was sleeping while we were busy "celebrating"! hahaha

Realization 6:

Ok, this one isn't really a birthday thing, but I realized that I should
take more photos of my kids with their great grandfather.

Realization 7:
Even if it's your birhtday, when you're the youngest, you don't get dibs
on your own gift.

Realization 8:
Kids can make the littlest things fun :) 
(This was when we were taking down the decorations )

Realization 9:
Kids imaginations are funny
MATI: "I'm a rainbow superhero"

Adi just wanted to be colorful :)

Happy 1st Birthday Noah!!! We love you :)


I'm in UNO Magazine! :)

Guess who's on the cover of UNO magazine?!?

It's not me ok? It's Barbara Barreto, hehehe

But check out the small names to her left under the GETTING GRAPHIC text! :D

ROSS LACCAY!!Woohoo! Never thought I'd ever see my name on
the cover of a magazine :) Pretty cool :)

My article is on page 76 and it features some of the logos I've done
along with the vector drawing I did of a wooden vespa ;)

And I'm featured along with Brian Tenorio, Tof Zapanta and Graphika Manila?!?! Super cool!

Thanks to Luis Katigbak for featuring my work in your magazine! ;) 
Next issue, centerfold naman ako ha! hahaha. Just kidding :)

Grab a copy of UNO now!!! :)

Why I'm Not Watching Conan the Barbarian

I love Jason Momoa in the Game of Thrones

I even made fan art. hihihi

But I don't think I'm loving his look for Conan

My brother said that the trailer doesn't look very promising either,
then the other day, we saw this at Shang Cineplex:

Can't see it? 

Here's a close-up of those horrid creatures on cotton clouds to the left of Conan:

No other word for it than "Yuck" . hahaha.

So I'm sorry Conan, but I'm not spending P200 to watch you anytime soon.